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Affiliate Marketing

Render of a Affiliate Marketing Concept.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful web advertising tool for e-commerce merchants.

Affiliate programs allow affiliates to market products or services through their websites online.  Affiliates earn a commissions based on sales they generate and are generally tracked through web cookies.  For certain product types, affiliate marketing can be a hugely effective advertising tool.  As opposed to other forms of paid advertising on the internet, with affiliate marketing you only pay when conversions actually take place.  The commission you do pay is at a fixed percentage.

There are a number of ways to configure and administer an affiliate program.  One way to is to create your own private affiliate program through a 3rd party software or shopping cart.  This method allows for complete control of the program and you can allocate more money to the affiliates – which keeps them motivated.  Alternatively,  you can join an affiliate network and gain access to thousands of affiliates and have immediate authenticity that comes with partnering with a known entity.  JFC has experience in each case and we can help determine the best plan of action for your needs.  We can configure and implement an affiliate program that works for your business model.

To learn more about how JFC can assist you with the creation or management of an affiliate program, contact us.