Timecamp Provides Integrated Time Tracking PLUS More

timecamplogo3Are you looking for the simple functionality of tracking time with a start and stop timer? Now what if you could tie all of the resulting time tracking data back into your project management software?  How about if you could upload your calendar items and apply that time to specific clients or projects?  Would that be somehting that you are interested in?

For companies all over the world, project management software is becoming the new operational infrastructure. We use them to organize how we work and communicate with collaborators. Whether companies are billing by the hour or simply want to track allocated resources – the next step in the evolution of project management software is to track your users time. TimeCamp is a quickly growing business that has built simple time tracking, project management, invoicing and employee productivity all into one tidy SaaS product.

Timecamp is a fully functional SaaS.  All of the core supported uses can be accessed through web browsers.   But there is also a desktop application that can add some additional functionality that includes employee productivity tracking.  Implementation of this module has had spectacular results in terms of seeing increases in employee productivity .

Timecamp time tracking and project management software

Timecamp time tracking and project management software

Benefits of TimeCamp:

  • Companies can manage the complete process from tracking time to billing clients – all within one centralized system.
  • Increase employee and user productivity by allocating and tracking time spent.
  • Integrations – Timecamp provides functional time tracking to go along with your Trello or Asana setup or crediting invoices and uploading them into Quickboooks or loading your calendar data in and applying to projects – Timecamp is versatile and dynamic.

To set up a free trial go to Timecamp website.


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